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YG3R New Motorcycle

YG3R New Motorcycle

Business: Manufacturer
Company if any: Chongqing Yingang Sci & Tech (Group) Co., Ltd.

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Delivery Time: Within 10 days after receiving payment
Packing: Standard Packaging

Detail Description:

A different 250 from China

It is a great pleasure to introduce the new Yingang YG3R model to the user around the world.
? The Engine
For a start Yingang YG3R is the first Chinese sports bike with 250cc DOHC liquid cooled engine YG170MM.

Effectively combining angular body panels and purpose designed vents to direct air flow and an ultra-light weight aluminum radiator and pump to distribute coolant throughout the jacket that surrounds the engine, the fun will turn on automatically when the coolant reaches 60 centidegrees Yingang has managed to offer a thoroughbred system that lets the 250cc mill keep its cool.

What this translates to is stable and smooth, consistent performance even during demanding situations like long distance riding, quick acceleration spurts and hill climbing conditions. Since it is liquid-cooled, the engine doesnt need deep heat dissipation fins like traditional two-wheeler engines and the refinement level has also got a big boost. Furthermore, double over head cams drive 4 valves on top of the combustion chamber, which is not only supply faster air flow in and out the engine but also reduces the valve driven vibration. The internal balance shaft pays great effort to reduce the camshaft impulse vibration. At last but not the least, the refined lubrication system enables the engine to use more advanced slide bearing to reduce noise and wearing.

YG170MM uses a 4-valve combustion chamber two intake and exhaust valves each. The spark plug is centrally mounted on top of the chamber and therefore the flame fronts reach is even and combustion more complete compared to engines with side mounted plugs. 70mm diameter piston gives 65mm stroke with 11:1 compression ratio. It generates 19 KW top power and 22 NM torque. Moreover, the massive torque starts from middle engine revolution and enough power to run on it 6th Gear.
In conclusion, liquid cools the engine to maximize stability and performance. Similar to the contemporary super sports bikes, Yingang has adopted a six speed transmission for the new 250cc YG3R. Optimized ratios will help you to keep the motor singing in the high-rpm range throughout all the gears. The engine is extremely refined for its class and offers linear power delivery at smooth, unhurried acceleration conditions. Yet, under hard acceleration, the engine does not loose its composure and offers big dollops of power that needs relatively decent levels of expertise to handle.
? The bike
For the most strength of the bike, Yingang still choose steel as the main material for the bike. It is strong enough in a reasonable 146 KG dry weight. The dimension is 20607901170, it is a medium sized compact bike, and the wheel base is 1410. The bike gives an ergonomic machine suitable for both short and long journey.

YG3R features F 80/100 -17 inches tyres in the front and 140/70-17 inches tyres in the rear. Both the tires are tubeless. Front and rear alloy wheels, front 2 pistons double disk break rear single twin-piston disk break, up-side-down front fork, and central rear fork.

The instruments are simple and clear, main control consol gives all necessary information, such as speedo meter, tacho meter, gear display, light status, turning signal.
The rear turning comes from the same suppler for Aprilia RS125
? The Ride

A natural riding position and comfortable ergonomics combined with its lightweight handling, easy controllability and improved throttle response make the YG3R a pleasure to ride on city streets. Also the 17-inch wheels that offer great handling and improved stability. The double disk 4 piston really gives great force to stop the bike smoothly with a responsive feel at the lever. The best riding is on 3r, 4th and 5th gear. In 1st and 2nd gear is offer too much torque and a small throttle twist will give too big maneuver. When it kicks into 40 KPH on 3rd gear, it can rise to 90KPH instantly without gear change. This gives a big advantage on country lane over taking. The feeling is amazing, feels like a 600cc bike rather a 250. On the spec sheet, it claims 130 KPH, you can easily go over this speed on 6th gear, and there is still space for the further throttle. In the corner the bike is pin sharp, agile and neat. The tubeless tires give great support for lower the bike in the corner.
In conclusion, YG3R is an affordable nice sports bike. The simple formula of providing easy-handling agility, quick responsiveness, and low ownership costs make the YG3R a force to be reckoned with in the entry-level sport bike category.

Engine                           YG170MM
Engine Model                    YG3R
Engine Type                     1-Cylinder, 4-Stroke, water-cooled
MaxPower(kW/(r/min))            19/9000
MaxTorque(Nm/(r/min))          22/8000500
Ignition                        CDI
Startsystem                     Electric
 Frame                          YG3R
Dimension(mm)                   20607901170
Wheelbase(mm)                   1410
Min Clearance(mm)               210
Dry Weight(kg)                  146
Max Load(kg)                    150
Max Speed(km/h)                 130
Mini Consumption(L/100km)       ≤2.4
Tire Size(Front/Rear)           110/60-17 / 140/60-17
Wheel Atmosphere(Front/Rear)    225/225
Seat Height(mm)                 770
Fuel Capacity(L)                16
Packing size                    19005701100
Quantity in20'                  24
Quantity in40'                  48
Quantity in40'HQ                48
Basic Specifications            250CCWater Cooled Engine、Electric、Alu wheel、Fr.disk&Rr.disk brake

SKU SKU19470
Market price without shipping per Item: US$500.00
Our price without shipping per Item: US$320.00 (278.40)
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YG3R New Motorcycle

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